Golden Triangle Decorative Painters

The next meeting is September 17th with the doors open at 8:30. Rosemary Habers will teach the Salsa Placemat class which includes a separate bowl for serving salsa. If you have not signed up for the class and want to or cannot remember if you did, let Laura know you want to do the September project.

Susan's hospitality plan is an Italian food day. She asks members to bring an entree, side dish, or a dessert and/or snacks that fits the Italian theme.

More bags for the backpack Service project will be available at the meeting to take home and paint. The plan is to have a painted backpack with goodies (crayons, coloring books, colored pencils, etc.) for children in the hospital long turn such as for cancer.  The painted bags would be donated to hospitals with children with long term illness like cancer. Anybody having any idea where we can donate to, please let Bill Habers or any board member know. If you took home any Service project items home from a prior meeting, don't forget to bring it back painted. Filling the bag is optional.

Rosemary is still asking everyone to save glass jars. At the July meeting, over 50 were donate alone. Rosemary would appreciate that all labels and glue be removed, but it's okay if the label is still on. If you give us jars and you're not sure if it is usable, still bring it. If Rosemary cannot use it, we will recycle it. In addition, Rosemary and Animal Friends will accept any monetary donations, small blankets, and any animal food. A big thank you to all who have and will support the dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.

​The Chapter Banner with that scene of Pittsburgh on it is still hiding somewhere. If you have it, please bring it to the meeting. If you know where it might be, let any Board member know. Hopefully, doesn't have it for some reason considering.

2023 Chapter President:
Cindie Martincic