Golden Triangle Decorative Painters

2023 Chapter President:
Laura Angelo

The Mark Polomchak class is scheduled for June 21 thru June 23. These are watercolor classes with a $75 class fee per project. If you want to paint the project(s) but have not yet signed up or forgot if you did, check with Rosann Wagner and let her know that you want to paint it. See the class page to see the 3 projects.

The next Chapter Meeting Day is July 21st. Laura Angelo will be the instructor with a Midnight Santa class on a barrel stave. The cost of the class is $15. The doors should be opened by 9:00 with the class beginning at 10:00. If you want to paint it, but have not yet signed up, check with Rosann Wagner and let her know that you want to paint it. See the class page to see what it looks like.  The September class are also available.

Susan has announced July meeting lunch is Hot Dogs with toppings and condiments picnic day. People are asked to bring something you think everyone could want to try including yourself. Susan will also have the usual drinks available. If members want to bring a dessert and/or snacks, that would be great as always.

If you have an item you think would be good to paint, but not sure you can or want to paint it, bring it to the meeting. You can sell it, offer it for free, or give it to Jeannie Delbusso for Ways and Means. She always needs more stuff for her raffles.

We had several backpacks ready to donate. We thought about Children's Hospital then an alternative choice that someone suggested that the Shelters could be a possibility for kids. More backpacks are available for that Service project. As for what we will be doing this year, the project is to paint a smaller tote bag and have items in it that could be given to the women and men shelters. One item presented by shelters was a need for socks. Also, last year walker bags and memory boxes will be accepted and available. If you took home any Service project items for the last 4 years at prior meeting, try to remember to bring them back painted preferred.

Rosemary is still asking everyone to save glass jars. Be sure to see the picture in the newsletter to see what we gave them in early December. Rosemary is still doing the Animal Friends project. Rosemary would appreciate that all labels and glue be removed, but it's okay if the label is still on. If you give us jars and you're not sure if it is usable, still bring it. If Rosemary decides it cannot be used, we will recycle it. Be sure to keep the lids on the jars to help keep the treats fresh. In addition, Rosemary and Animal Friends will accept any monetary donations, small blankets, and any animal food. A big thank you to all who have and will support the dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.

​The Chapter Banner with that scene of Pittsburgh on it is still hiding somewhere. If you have it, please bring it to the meeting. If you know where it might be, let any Board member know. Hopefully, doesn't have it for some reason considering.