The next meeting is January 21st which is Founders Day. The doors should be opened by 9:00. The meeting will consist of working on the Service projects.

In honor of our Founders Day, Susan will be having pizza and the annual cake at the meeting. She will also have the usual drinks available. If members bring a dessert and/or snacks that would be great.

We have several bags ready to donate. The only problem is hospitals are delaying accepting toys and stuff because of the various diseases floating around the area (Flu, Covid, etc.). More bags are available for the backpack Service project. As for what we will be doing otherwise, we are not sure what 2024's project will be. As last year walker bags and memory boxes will be accepted. One suggestion that was throw out that maybe tote bags for the women shelters could be an idea. painting the bag and putting products in them. Anybody having any ideas, please let Bill Habers or any board member know. If you took home any Service project items home from a prior meeting, try to remember to bring them back painted.

Rosemary is still asking everyone to save glass jars. Be sure to see the picture in the newsletter to see what we gave them in early December. Rosemary is still doing the Animal Friends project. Rosemary would appreciate that all labels and glue be removed, but it's okay if the label is still on. If you give us jars and you're not sure if it is usable, still bring it. If Rosemary decides it cannot be used, we will recycle it. Be sure to keep the lids on the jars to help keep the treats fresh. In addition, Rosemary and Animal Friends will accept any monetary donations, small blankets, and any animal food. A big thank you to all who have and will support the dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.

​The Chapter Banner with that scene of Pittsburgh on it is still hiding somewhere. If you have it, please bring it to the meeting. If you know where it might be, let any Board member know. Hopefully, doesn't have it for some reason considering.

Golden Triangle Decorative Painters

2023 Chapter President:
Laura Angelo