The next meeting is November 20th.  As we always do, we will have our annual Make-It/Take-Its, our election, and our Christmas party. We are expecting a number of projects to be offered by some of our Chapter teachers like Rosemary, Jeanne, Rosann, etc. If you want to teach a Make-It/Take-It class, contact Cindie Martincic. She will give you all the necessary information. The current nominees for office are in the newsletter. If anybody else wants to run, an elected position can be nominated from the floor. As for the Christmas party, the important part is that this year there is no fee. Hospitality has arranged to have the meal catered (for real). If you want to be there for the food, you must contact Susan Japp (Phone: 724-745-5873) that you're coming by November 10th. She needs to know how many people we need to feed. You won't need to bring lunch, but if you want to bring a dessert and/or snacks they are always welcome.

The following are the planned times for the above:

       The classes will be in 2 shifts. The 1st is 9:00 to 11:00 then 11:00-1:00.

​       Lunch, the meeting, and Christmas Party starts at 1:00.


The 2022 Service project is walker bags for disabled veterans. Walker bags are tote bags modified to be attached to the walkers. Patriotic patterns are what we are painting on them. In addition, we are still doing memory boxes. Both memory boxes and bags will be available at the next meeting. If you took home a tote bag or memory box to paint, please bring them back (painted of course). If anybody has any suggestions for an additional project for 2023 let Bill Habers know.

Ways 'n Means will always accept any donations at the next meeting. If you wish to sell or give away "stuff" to your fellow members, table space will be available. This includes any old Make-It/Take-Its teachers may have.

Rosemary is still asking everyone to save glass jars. Rosemary would appreciate that all labels and glue be removed, but it's okay if the label is still on. If you give us jars, we cannot use, still bring it. we will recycle it for you. In addition, Rosemary and Animal Friends will accept any monetary donations, small blankets, and food. A big thank you to all who have and will support the dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.

​​The Chapter Banner with that scene of Pittsburgh on it is still hiding somewhere. If you have it, please bring it to the meeting. If you know where it might be, let any Board member know. Hopefully, doesn't have it for some reason considering.

Golden Triangle Decorative Painters

2020 Chapter President:
Rosann Wagner

An affiliated chapter of the Society of Decorative Painters (SDP)