​​​Mark your calendars for October 5th through 8th, 2023. The theme is "Welcome". This will be at the Crestfield Camping and Conference Center near Slippery Rock. Several of our members were just there at the Town and Country 2023 Retreat to check out classes there. There is easy access to all buildings and it is handicapped accessible.

Rosann Wagner is chairman this year with Cindie Martincic the Co-Chairman. Rosann has received teacher projects in response to the mailed-out teacher letters. In addition, she got some nibbles from the Town and Country Retreat teachers. The projects were selected May 6th and scheduled for Friday thru Sunday. The projects were given to Rosemary to create the booklet for the May meeting and then the website.

The board had a meeting to discuss the Retreat in May. Much was settled, there is a few things we do not know at this time. Thursday will be arrival day with no classes. We will have a Pizza Party and then a Bonfire and S'mores event. While we don’t have a contract to confirm these prices for room. Based on Town and Country's retreat, a room is $85 a night. Each meal is $12 with an extra $3 charge for a dinner dessert if desired.

Remember, these prices are subject to change Crestfield does not handle individual payments so your room/food, registration, and class will have to be paid to GTDP prior by the first of October. More details will be in future Newsletters.

Golden Triangle Decorative Painters

Retreat Chairman:                      Retreat Co-Chairman

Rosann Wagner                            Cindie Martincic

rvwagner75@comcast.net         cmartincic@yahoo.com

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