Click here to register for a Retreat room at Antiochian.

Retreat Chairman:
Carol D'Abruzzo​

Click here for the 2019 Retreat Registration Form. The form is 2 pages.

An affiliated chapter of the Society of Decorative Painters (SDP)

The 2019 Retreat Booklet - Book Format is formatted as per the hard card copy version, 2 pages per sheet.

Golden Triangle Decorative Painters

The 2019 Retreat Booklet - Web Format is formatted 1 page per sheet.

Note: The Viki Sherman Crabbe Point Lighthouse is listed on the October 12th page as a 4 hour class in the hard copy booklet, page 14. This should say 6 hour class per the hours above it. The on line booklets are correct.

Last year we planned to sail away with 2018 being our last year at Antiochian. But we're back one more time, October 10-13. The theme will be Thanks For The Memories. If you wish to volunteer to work on a Retreat committee (paint centerpieces, favors, door signs, name tags, etc.) contact Carol.

The booklet is now available via to 2 links above. The book format is on the left and designed to be printed. The web format is designed to be a little larger. If you want a hard copy booklet via mail, once again contact Rosemary Habers with a check for $5.00. If you need the 2 sided registration form, click on the form above and print the 2 pages, fill out the needed information, and mail it to Mandy Steele. Remember Mandy gets the Retreat registration and Antiochian gets the room registration.

All our rooms for classes and hospitality are once again on the other end of the complex. This does make it harder for those with difficulty walking and especially for a certain scooter, but things seemed to work out last year.

The links to Antiochian for room reservations have been added above and on the Miscellaneous page.