Retreat Chairman:                      Retreat Co-Chairman

Rosann Wagner                            Cindie Martincic

Golden Triangle Decorative Painters

The 2024 Retreat will be at the Crestfield Camping and Conference Center near Slippery Rock. The dates are slated to be October 24th through 27th. A Chairman and committees are needed. The selected theme is "A Haunting We Will Go".

‚ÄčPer the retreat book for Town and Country, the room prices have increased for 2024. Crestfield does not handle individual payments so your room/food, registration, and class will have to be paid to GTDP prior by the first of October. The Treasurer will pay all the room rates, meals, and first night events. More details will be in future Newsletters.

Once the teacher's submissions are received, the Retreat committee will meet to select the projects for October. We hope the projects selected will be in printed booklet format in time for the July meeting.

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