The 2023 Basket Luncheon was successfully executed last April 16. The luncheon was at the Sunset Room at Fairview in Bridgeville. Our theme was “Christmas in April”. There were quite a few frustrating difficulties that occurred, but Karen Pagasky and Laura Angelo were able to get them taken care of.

Centerpieces and favors were set up on the Luncheon tables. The centerpieces were a Christmas tree with a Christmas scene on one side and a winter scene on the other. Favors were Christmas ornaments that are painted on 1 side. There were several items for our big and donated items raffles. Mary Ann Yurus set up the basket display for raffling. There were a number of smaller painted pieces for the door prizes. All items were won by several happy people.

The 2024 Basket Luncheon at the Sunset Room at Fairview in Bridgeville is already being planned for next year.

Basket Luncheon Chair

Karen Pagasky


Golden Triangle Decorative Painters