An affiliated chapter of the Society of Decorative Painters (SDP)

Golden Triangle Decorative Painters

Basket Luncheon Chair

Rosemarie Geer


​This is a Thank You to all members who worked in any way, to help make the Basket Luncheon of 2018 possible. The terra cotta pots for centerpieces were taken at the January meeting, painted and delivered at the March meeting. The call for door prizes was answered with a fantastic showing of art works, very generous. The painted magnet cutouts were a creative and colorful addition to the tables. I think the luncheon was a huge success! What can I say, were GTDP - we do good work.

​A special thanks goes to Rosemarie Lang for all her hard work!

​The one glaring thing missing from the luncheon was Debbie Carosone. She always did what she could to work on the luncheon. A percentage of the proceeds from the basket Luncheon will go to the Washington County Women’s Shelter and the City Mission in Debbie’s name.

​Mark your calendars for next year. The Luncheon is reserved for April 28 which is one week after Easter.