An affiliated chapter of the Society of Decorative Painters (SDP)

Golden Triangle Decorative Painters

2017 Chapter President:
Mandy Steele

​​The next Chapter meeting is November 19th. We will be having Make-It/Take-Its available, our elections, and our Christmas Party. Ways 'n Means will accept any donation as usually. The indoor trunk sale will be available if you wish to sell "stuff" to your fellow members.

​If you have yet to read the July newsletter, Rosemary has added a couple of good articles worth reading. One regarding the Chapter Board and another regarding brushes. ​If you have yet to read the August newsletter, Rosemary has an articles regarding the care of brushes.

The Chapter Banner with that scene of Pittsburgh on it is still hiding somewhere. If you have it, please bring it to the meeting. If you know where it might be, let any Board member know.