Golden Triangle Decorative Painters

2020 Chapter President:
Rosann Wagner

An affiliated chapter of the Society of Decorative Painters (SDP)

Did you think we would have a January meeting? I didn't either. You should have received an e-mail regarding that from Rosemary which the board and the politicians approve.

Roseann Wagner will conducted a board meeting via Zoom for the board to discuss the budget for next year. Once approved, she will be needing a vote on the 2021 Budget by the members. This will probably be by via e-mail.

Rosemary's Easter project has been rescheduled to March 21st 2021. Sandra's watercolor has been rescheduled to May 15-16 2021. These dates are not written in stone, just ask the governor. In addition, Sherry Nelson has been booked for September 16-19, 2021.


Ways 'n Means will accept any donations as usual at the next meeting. The trunk sale will be available if you wish to sell or give away "stuff" to your fellow members. This includes old make-it/take-its teachers may have. We will be indoors on extra tables.

​The main service project for the Chapter is painted memory boxes. The boxes are for the hospitals who will give them to mothers who's child has passed. If you painted a box thanks. If you took 1 or more to paint at home, please bring back at the next meeting and give it to Carol D'Abruzzo.

The Animal Friends project is still trying to go on strong. Thank you for all donations to date.  Please save and bring clean glass jars, to any Chapter meeting and give them to Rosemary. You can also contact Rosemary and may be the jars you have can be gotten. She is planning to deliver the jars to Animal Friends as we have in the past 4 years, but in the Spring. Rosemary has targeted the number of jars at a rather high number to surpassed last year. In addition, Rosemary will accept any monetary donations to buy additional items as needed. A big thank you to all who donated.

​The Chapter Banner with that scene of Pittsburgh on it is still hiding somewhere. If you have it, please bring it to the meeting. If you know where it might be, let any Board member know.